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Norwegian Court Rules Meta Could be Fined for Breaching Data Privacy

 |  September 6, 2023

On Wednesday, a Norwegian court ruled that Meta Platforms could be fined for breaching users’ privacy. This ruling has wider implications in Europe, as the authority tasked with overseeing data privacy in the country, Datatilsynet, is said to be considering referring this decision to its European counterpart.

According to Reuters, of particular interest to the case is the fine of one million crowns ($93,200) per day since Aug. 14, which Meta has been paying for harvesting user data and using it to target advertising.

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Despite the heavy penalty, Meta has argued that the decision is disproportionate, impossible to meet, and in violation of other laws. Unfortunately for Meta, the court rejected these claims.

In response to the ruling, a Datatilsynet spokesperson stated: “This is a big victory for privacy.” Meanwhile, Meta said in a statement: “We are disappointed by today’s decision and will now consider our next steps.”

Experts in the data privacy space have been closely following how governments have been addressing the need for increased regulation in digital services. This ruling comes as the latest verdict in a series of decisions made worldwide to show that serious violations of user privacy will no longer be tolerated.

Source: Reuters