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Open-Source AI Models May Be Exempt from EU’s AI Act Regulations

 |  December 7, 2023

A leaked compromise proposal indicates that the European Union’s forthcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act might provide exemptions for open-source AI models from stringent regulations.

The proposal, obtained by Reuters, sheds light on ongoing negotiations among lawmakers and governments grappling with pivotal issues related to AI governance.

As discussions extended into a second day, the EU, striving to finalize rules initially proposed by the European Commission two years ago, faces challenges in keeping pace with the swiftly evolving AI landscape. The leaked document, circulating among lawmakers on Thursday morning, discloses that the AI Act may exclude free and open-source licenses. This exemption, however, comes with certain conditions, such as the models being considered high-risk or deployed for prohibited purposes.

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Open-source, a concept rooted in the unrestricted sharing of software code, enables collaboration and contribution from diverse sources for enhancements and bug fixes. If the leaked proposal materializes, it could signal a nuanced approach to AI regulation, balancing innovation and oversight within the European Union.

Source: Reuters