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Pope Francis Calls for Regulation of AI to Safeguard Humanity, Again

 |  January 2, 2024

Pope Francis, a renowned advocate for universal peace, used the occasion of the 57th World Day of Peace to call for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure human sustainability.

The Pope emphasized that proper regulations would prevent the misuse of AI, which has the potential to pose significant threats to humanity.

During a Mass to celebrate the new year and honor Holy Mary, also recognized as the Queen of Peace, Pope Francis conveyed his message under the theme “Artificial Intelligence and Peace.” The Most Rev. Alfred Martins, the Lagos Catholic Archbishop, relayed the Pope’s advocacy to the faithful at the Holy Cross Cathedral in Lagos.

Pope Francis characterized the new year as a time of grace and took the opportunity to extend his wishes for peace to people worldwide. Addressing a diverse audience, including heads of states, government officials, religious leaders, and members of civil society, he urged swift action in implementing regulations for the use of AI.

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Quoting scriptures, the Pope emphasized that God had bestowed humans with intelligence and skills. He argued that the responsible use of AI aligns with the divine plan, making the Earth a dwelling worthy of all humanity. However, he warned that the uncontrolled use of artificial intelligence could destabilize various aspects of the world.

“With the regulation of its use, AI will promote humanity, peace, commerce, agriculture, and curtail societal conflicts. Conversely, its abuse could endanger peace, commerce, agriculture, and engulf the world in chaos,” Pope Francis cautioned.

Highlighting the multifaceted nature of artificial intelligence, the Pope stressed the importance of understanding its diverse realities. He asserted that positive outcomes could only be achieved if humanity acted responsibly and adhered to fundamental values such as inclusion, transparency, security, equity, privacy, and reliability.

Expressing hope that his message would inspire efforts to ensure that AI progress aligns with human fraternity and peace, Pope Francis concluded by calling on leaders and individuals alike to act promptly in regulating the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of all.

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