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Red Bull Challenges EU Antitrust Raids

 |  July 24, 2023

The Austrian energy drinks maker Red Bull has recently contested the EU antitrust raids conducted against the company four months ago. The company has stated that the regulators’ allegations of anti-competitive behaviour are “manifestly unfounded”.

In March, the European Commission released a statement indicating that the raided company, which it didn’t identify, may have violated EU antitrust rules against cartels and abuse of a dominant position. For this reason, Red Bull has filed an appeal in the Luxembourg-based General Court in hopes of annulling the Commission’s decision and returning all documents which were taken from its Brussels premises.

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Red Bull states that, “The allegations contained therein are manifestly unfounded”. The company also criticized the EU watchdog’s raids of its premises for an unlimited period, stating that this “interferes excessively with the applicants’ rights”.

The appeal was submitted in an attempt to protect Red Bull’s ability to compete fairly in the EU market. It will be now be up to the second highest court in Europe to decide whether the company will be able to continue serving their customers without any anti-competitive behaviour accusations.

Source: Reuters