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Six Ways That AI Could Change Politics

 |  July 31, 2023

By: Bruce Schneier & Nathan E. Sanders (MIT Tech Review)

Just nine months ago, ChatGPT was introduced, and since then, we have been continuously exploring its impact on our daily lives, careers, and systems of self-governance.

However, the public discourse surrounding AI’s potential threat to our democracy often lacks creativity. The prevalent discussions focus on familiar dangers like campaigns employing fake images, audio, or video to attack opponents—an issue we’ve dealt with for decades. Similarly, there is concern over foreign governments disseminating misinformation, a fear stemming from the 2016 US presidential election. Moreover, the growing prevalence of political “astroturfing,” where fake online accounts are used to simulate policy support, has fueled worries that AI-generated opinions could overwhelm the genuine preferences of real people, further compounding the challenges we face…