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Steve Cernak Named Chair-Elect of ABA Antitrust Law Section

 |  August 23, 2023

Steve Cernak, a longtime leader of the American Bar Association (ABA) Antitrust Law Section, has recently ascended to the position of Chair-Elect. The ABA Antitrust Law Section is the nation’s and world’s leading professional organization for antitrust and competition law, with most private-practicing attorneys, economists, and government enforcers as members. It is influential in developing and shaping antitrust law and policy around the world.

In response to his promotion to the position of Chair-Elect, Steve, of Bona Law, released a statement expressing his enthusiasm for the new position. “I cherish the collegiality of the section and the thought leadership it provides its members,” Steve said. “I am looking forward to serving in this new position and hope to continue in section leadership for many years to come.”

Steve Cernak’s advancement continues his legacy of contributions to the ABA Antitrust Law Section and the world of antitrust law. His 25 years of Section leadership have laid the foundation for a prosperous future in both the Section and the profession. As Chair-Elect, Steve will continue to work to ensure the best standards of practice and policy in the field.

Source: BonaLaw