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Tech Giants Unite for Open Digital Ecosystems in Response to EU Regulations

 |  December 13, 2023

Alphabet’s Google, Meta, Qualcomm, and a coalition of seven other tech companies announced their collaboration on Wednesday to advocate for open digital ecosystems, aligning with the evolving tech landscape in the European Union. This united effort comes in response to the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) and anticipates future regulatory developments in the EU.

The coalition, aptly named the “Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems,” aims to work collaboratively with academics, policymakers, and fellow companies to explore the nuances of digital openness and its effective implementation within the framework of the DMA and forthcoming EU regulations.

At the heart of the DMA is the mandate for gatekeepers, referring to tech giants with control over access to their platforms, to facilitate third-party interoperability and grant business users the ability to promote their services and finalize contracts independently of the gatekeeper’s platform. This provision seeks to level the playing field and promote fair competition within the digital space.

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Stan Larroque, founder of Lynx, a French augmented reality start-up and member of the coalition, emphasized the importance of openness. “We have had a number of conversations in the past few months about what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to digital ecosystems in Europe, what fosters innovation, and what will positively impact competitiveness. We think openness is the crucial element,” Larroque stated in a released statement.

The coalition comprises a diverse array of tech entities, including Chinese smart devices maker Honor, China’s Lenovo, U.S. telecoms equipment maker Motorola, UK electronics maker Nothing, Norwegian tech company Opera, and German messaging services provider Wire. This diversity reflects a global perspective on fostering open platforms and systems to stimulate growth and innovation within the European tech landscape.

As the Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems sets its sights on advocating for digital openness, its collaborative efforts with stakeholders aim to shape the evolving regulatory landscape and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the tech sector in Europe.

Source: Reuters