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The Morocco Competition Council takes action to ensure fairness in Morocco’s fuel market with a settlement of 1,840,410,426 Moroccan Dirhams

 |  December 14, 2023

By: Gina Lodolo (African Antitrust)

In a bid to ensure fair competition in Morocco’s fuel market, the Morocco Competition Council (MCC) has taken decisive action following amendments to the legal framework governing competition in the country. These changes align with Laws No. 40.21 and No. 41.21, amending and supplementing Law No. 104.12 related to freedom of prices and competition, and Law No. 20.13, pertaining to the Competition Council.

In June 2023, the MCC initiated an investigation into potential violations of competition rules within the fuel market, targeting nine companies involved in gasoline supply, storage, and distribution, along with their professional organization. In response, the companies expressed a willingness to comply with the new legal framework, specifically engaging in the settlement procedure outlined in Article 37 of Law No. 104.12.

The MCC approved the companies’ requests to enter discussions, leading to the General Rapporteur initiating official talks separately with each company and its professional organization. Reconciliation minutes were subsequently signed, documenting the approval of reconciliation proposals.

On November 23, 2023, the MCC issued a report detailing reconciliation agreements with the companies, stipulating a collective payment of 1,840,410,426 Moroccan dirhams as a reconciliatory settlement. Alongside the financial commitment, the companies made pledges aimed at enhancing the competitive dynamics of the fuel market and preventing anti-competitive practices…