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UFC Faces Billion-Dollar Legal Battle as Class Action Moves Forward

 |  November 12, 2023

As the UFC gears up for its highly anticipated showcase event this Saturday, a shadow looms over the octagon as a legal battle of epic proportions takes center stage outside the fighting arena. Last week, the UFC suffered a significant setback in its attempt to quash a class action lawsuit brought forth by hundreds of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, and now, the stage is set for a courtroom showdown.

The lawsuit, which accuses UFC parent company Zuffa LLC of unlawfully establishing and maintaining a monopoly over the MMA industry, ultimately leading to diminished wages for fighters, will proceed following a crucial ruling from the US Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. The legal battle is slated to commence in April 2024, promising a seismic impact on the future of MMA.

The plaintiffs, potentially numbering over 1,200 fighters who participated in the UFC from 2010 to 2017, are seeking damages ranging between $800 million and $1.6 billion. If successful, this lawsuit could reshape the landscape of MMA and force the UFC to reevaluate its operational practices.

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The roots of this legal clash trace back to 2006 when the UFC solidified its dominance in the MMA world after the collapse of Japan-based PRIDE FC. With this power consolidation, the UFC gained significant leverage in negotiations with fighters, leading to a marked decline in fighter pay. The virtual monopoly exerted by the UFC left athletes with limited bargaining power, forcing them to accept terms that fell far short of what they might have earned in a competitive market.

The lawsuit alleges that the UFC’s monopolistic control over the MMA industry created a stark reality for fighters during the specified period – accept the UFC’s terms or face the prospect of having nowhere else to compete professionally. This legal battle is expected to shed light on the intricacies of the UFC’s business practices during this period and could potentially redefine how the organization operates in the future.

Source: The Guardian