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UK’s Top AI Founders Recommend 4 Impactful Actions for Government

 |  November 15, 2023

By: TechNation

The UK holds significant potential in harnessing AI for positive impact, and the time for decisive measures is now. AI entrepreneurs propose four impactful actions that the UK Government should promptly undertake.

At this crucial juncture, the UK stands poised to emerge as a leader in AI, particularly in the realm of AI for the greater good, despite Silicon Valley’s early dominance. The impetus for this leadership will emanate from the UK’s burgeoning AI startup and scaleup ecosystem, but it necessitates robust guidance from our Government.

As AI entrepreneurs, we represent a cohort of individuals dispersed across the UK, already employing AI to enhance the world in various ways. We take pride in contributing to the UK economy and society and firmly believe that the UK can assume a global leadership role in AI for positive impact.

We invite your collaboration in our shared endeavor to actualize this vision. Below, we outline four pragmatic actions, extending beyond mere policy and regulation, which we believe your Government can and should promptly implement to position the UK optimally for the future and serve its citizens effectively. We urge you to (1) integrate AI products and services across Government Departments, (2) responsibly open UK datasets to maximize their value before potential erosion through inaction, (3) enhance the expertise of our existing outcome-focused regulators in AI proficiency, and (4) foster the AI startup ecosystem with incentives and support for the benefit of the UK taxpayer. The rapid pace of innovation demands novel approaches, and decisive action is imperative for the UK to seize this unprecedented opportunity…