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US, Mexico & Canada Join Forces to Combat Collusion In FIFA World Cup

 |  September 24, 2023

In an effort to ensure a fair and competitive environment during the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the United States Department of Justice, Mexico’s Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), and the Competition Bureau of Canada have announced a joint initiative to combat collusive schemes related to the provision of goods and services connected to the event.

“This historic event will bring billions of dollars in economic activity to cities across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and the Antitrust Division will be vigilant in detecting anticompetitive conduct by any businesses and individuals that exploit the economic opportunities created by the games,” stated Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division.

According to Chairwoman Andrea Marván of COFECE, “For Mexico, competition in soccer means passion and enjoyment. Just as in the World Cup, for competition to happen in the economic markets, a level playing field for all those interested in offering their goods and services should be guaranteed. Today we announce a historic collaboration to promote the inclusive benefits of economic and sports competition. In this regard, COFECE will be as vigilant as ever to guarantee that the economic benefits derived from this event are not affected by anti-competitive conducts that could harm both local and international fans. We will work alongside the U.S. and Canadian antitrust agencies to ensure that, no matter where, all markets are working in a competitive and efficient way during this historic event.”

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Commissioner Matthew Boswell of the Competition Bureau of Canada echoed Marván’s sentiments, adding that “The Competition Bureau will do everything in its power to pursue those who seek to unjustly profit from the World Cup.”

The three agencies plan to work together on investigations and public outreach related to the FIFA World Cup, while using intelligence sharing and international cooperation tools to ensure the success of their mission. By pooling their resources together, they will be able to provide the necessary protection for both businesses and international visitors during the 2026 tournament.

As the United States, Mexico, and Canada gear up to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, they have collaborated to create a united front against those who seek to exploit the tournament for monetary gain. Through this joint initiative, these three entities are ensuring fairness and protection for everyone involved in the historic event.

Source: Reuters