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Visa Faces New Antitrust Suit Over Alleged Electronic Payments Monopoly

 |  December 11, 2023

Visa is currently under the legal spotlight as MiCamp Solutions LLC, an Arizona-based provider of electronic credit and debit card services, files a proposed class action in the US District Court for the Northern District of California on December 8.

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit contends that Visa has wielded its dominance to create a monopoly in the electronic payments market, stifling competition from other credit and debit card processing businesses.

MiCamp Solutions alleges that Visa achieved this market power by manipulating interchange fees for general purpose debit and credit card network services, setting them at “artificial, supra-competitive levels.”

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According to the complaint, these fees have given Visa a substantial advantage, hindering fair competition and impeding the growth of rival payment processing services.

The antitrust suit raises concerns about the potential impact on businesses and consumers, as a monopolized market could lead to limited choices, higher fees, and reduced innovation in the electronic payments sector. Visa, as one of the major players in the global financial landscape, faces the challenge of addressing these allegations and defending its position in the evolving landscape of electronic payments.

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