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Working Assumption: Factors Slowing AI’s Impact on Jobs

 |  August 4, 2023


“How will this affect my job?”

“It could never do my job!”

We hate to disagree, but it is almost certainly the case that at least part of your current role could be performed by an AI.

The discussion of the possible impact of AI on the workforce is being played out in many places. AI’s impact on the world of work has an enormous number of possible legal implications, from bias to oversight, and from monitoring to discrimination. While existing laws (in the fields of employment, data protection and anti-discrimination, etc.) and forthcoming laws (including dedicated AI laws) will address AI’s impact on workers to some extent, the question of whether jobs will be wholly replaced rests on primarily commercial and economic factors. That concern underpins these questions about the impact on jobs – often not without some degree of self-interest!

Here we consider the extent to which such concerns are well-founded…