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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Desktop Spending Streak

Online shopping from desktop computers has hit a major milestone this holiday season.

The number of consecutive billion-dollar sales days has hit a record of 19 days since Thanksgiving, blowing last year’s record of 9 consecutive billion-dollar days out of the water.

Online spending on Green Monday (Dec. 12) reached $1.62 billion on desktop, showing a 15 percent jump since last year and the fifth heaviest online spending day of the holiday season to date.

This year’s holiday season has seen 27 billion-dollar days so far. As of last Wednesday, Dec. 14, consumers spent $49.3 billion online during the holiday shopping season, a 12 percent increase compared to the corresponding days last year.

Here are the numbers.

19 | Consecutive days of billion-dollar sales from desktop computers since Thanksgiving.

9 | Last year’s record.

$1.62 billion | Online spending on Green Monday.

15 percent | Green Monday’s year-over-year growth.

27 | Total number of billion-dollar days so far this holiday shopping season.

$49.3 billion | Consumer spending between Thanksgiving and December 14.

12 percent | Growth in spending for the same period last year.

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