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PYMNTS’ Daily Data Dive: Infosys Payout Misstep

Aadhaar Payment System

Technology services firm Infosys is facing questions regarding peculiar payments made to the company’s CEO and other executives.

In response, the company provided a statement that shareholder input is what’s guiding its decision for these actions.

“The board receives suggestions and inputs from various stakeholders, including promoters (founders), which are evaluated with due importance. The company will continue to be guided by the overall interests of all stakeholders,” the company said.

Here are the numbers:

$7.3 million | CEO’s base salary

$680,000 | Amount of the CEO’s increased salary from 2015 to 2016

10 percent | Amount of increase for current fiscal year revenue projections

17 percent | Amount of increase for 2015 revenue projections

12.75 percent | Amount of company owned by Infosys founders and founders’ family members

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