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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Mobile China

In China, the mobile internet has breached 50 percent for the first time. As of December, there were 731 million Chinese internet users, about 53.2 percent of the approximately 1.4 billion population. Some 95 percent of internet users in China are accessing it via mobile — some 695 million people using the internet via a mobile device.

During the last year, China added 42.99 million new users of the internet, with web adoption growing at a rate of 6.2 percent. Further, some 168 million people in China use ride-hailing apps. WeChat is the leading app in the country, with 80 percent of all internet users in China using the messaging app.

Here are the numbers:

~1.4 billion | China’s population

731 million | Number of internet users in China

53.2 percent | Percentage of China’s population that is online

95 percent | Percentage of internet users accessing the internet via mobile

695 million | Number of mobile internet users in China

42.99 million+ | Year-over-year increase of internet users in China

6.2 percent | Internet adoption rate in China

168 million | Number of Chinese internet users on ride-share apps

80 percent | Percentage of Chinese internet users on WeChat


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