Revolut Extends Accounts in US to Non-Citizens

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Revolut is now offering accounts to non-United States citizens lawfully in the country, who do not have a Social Security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).

With this extended availability, the digital banking and lifestyle app can serve the more than 2.5 million people who are in the U.S. on some sort of visa, including students, visitors and employees, Revolut said in a Tuesday (July 25) press release.

“We’re delighted to offer Revolut accounts to these communities of non-U.S. citizens, who have been ignored by many traditional banks and FinTechs,” Revolut U.S. Head of Growth Danil Ovechkin said in the release.

The requirements for non-U.S. citizens to sign up for a Revolut account include a government-issued ID and a valid U.S. visa, according to the release.

Revolut offers easy account sign-up and access to many of its everyday money management products, the release said. Included in these are its international-related features, such as a global debit card, low-fee currency exchange and international transfers, as well as early salary access.

“We are proud to be giving these customers the ability to sign up for an account and making their lives easier by having the possibility of access to a quality financial product and accessing our everyday products designed to support their day-to-day needs,” Ovechkin said in the release.

This is the latest of several features added to the Revolut app for use in the U.S.

The company launched a new in-app feature in the U.S. July 6 that provides instant cash back rewards. The app’s new Shops feature provides up to 3% instant cash back rewards at participating brands and retailers that are listed in the app.

“As the cost of living rises, we are delivering ongoing product innovations aimed at meeting our customers’ everyday financial needs and aspirations, whilst giving them more financial control,” Revolut General Manager of Lifestyle Products Christopher Guttridge said at the time.

Revolut brought to the U.S. June 29 its automated investing feature that manages customers’ investment portfolios for them with fees the company said are lower than those offered by traditional companies.

Worldwide, Revolut now has more than 30 million retail customers after adding more than 5 million users between November 2022 and June 1.