FanContact Launches Facebook-Enabled Marketing Software

Facebook Messenger Accepts Payments

With more companies looking to sync up with Facebook’s Messenger for customer service and promotional efforts, it should come as no surprise that the social media giant has updated its app to enhance online marketers’ work.

To help move the ball forward for eCommerce marketers, Andrew Darius developed a new software directly off of that Facebook Messenger update. The new software dubbed FanContact works to increase prospective subscribers reach and revenues with the ultimate goal of an 100 percent open rate.

FanContact’s cloud-based technology also acts as a business development tool to help marketers increase engagement and leads.

Through this new offering, targeted lists can be made inside Facebook’s Messenger to send unlimited messages. In a sense, this appears to be a new version of email marketing — but for the social media realm. FanContact’s automated aspect allows marketers to customize messages and immediately service customers with new inquiries.

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