A New Approach To Gift Card Bulk Purchasing

InComm on Monday (Nov. 17) unveiled a B2B E-commerce store for purchasing multi-brand physical and digital gift cards in bulk, including prepaid debit cards. The twist is that the site, called InComm Incentives, promises “timely tracking” that sees where orders are in the fulfillment process. And customers can also set up corporate accounts to more easily place repeat orders.

“Companies who use gift cards for employee rewards, marketing promotions, sales incentives and customer loyalty can leverage InComm Incentives to choose from a broad selection of national brands with diverse delivery options,” the company said. “The online ordering solution offers a wide variety of products, including third-party gift cards, financial service/open-loop cards, digital content and gaming cards.”

InComm argued that prepaid products can be used for quite a few different purposes in incentives, promotions and marketing.

“For instance, a human resources professional may leverage InComm Incentives to order gift cards as part of an employee rewards program, offering the cards to employees for accomplishments such as years of service or high sales numbers,” an InComm statement said. “Marketers, on the other hand, may order gift cards in bulk as part of a promotion, such as ‘Buy this product and get a $25 gift card’ or ‘Sign up today and receive a $100card.'”

InComm is headquartered in Atlanta with a presence in more than 30 countries in North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.