B2B Distributor Offering Merchants A New Payment Portal

McAllister Industries, a B2B distributor of prepaid phone cards to retailers, plans soon to publicly launch Redde Pay, providing its customers with an online-payments portal that will help them expand what they can sell to include other services, including bill payment, prepaid energy, prepaid wireless, and domestic and international mobile top-up.

Transaction processor PayCash will power the payment portal, which McAllister plans to distribute to its more than 150,000 merchant locations throughout the U.S. Through distributors, the Redde Pay portal service thus far reportedly has signed up about 50,000 U.S. retailers.

Through the portal, which McAllister’s site says is “coming soon,” the prepaid card distributor’s customer retailers can choose various payment services they then can resell to consumers. To participate, they first must create an account and login to the portal when they want to view payment options.

Robert McAllister, McAllister CEO, said in a statement that feedback and demand for the Redde Pay portal has been positive. “By teaming with PreCash, we are able to deliver a full suite of … local and regional services in an innovative portal solution directly to neighborhood locations to better serve the growing demand across the country,” he said.

Redde Pay merchants also will be included as part of the PreCash load network, allowing them to sell a virtual load product redeemable at a number of product sites PreCash powers.

“Partnering with McAllister Industries and its team of veteran distributors gives us the opportunity to offer our processing technology to merchants looking for a better way to manage customer payments,” Blair Jeffery, PreCash senior vice president of sales and business development, said in a recent statement tied to the Redde Pay deal announcement. “This represents a significant opportunity to scale our vision of providing world-class payment services to merchants all over the country.”

PreCash processes payments using a cloud-based platform supported by proprietary and branded mobile, online, and retail interfaces. The platform supports reporting, settlement, compliance, and commissioning tools to support all parties in the payment ecosystem, along with flexibility to expand product support.

In a recent Internet Retailer article, McAllister noted small, local retailers continually look for ways to keep their clientele returning, so they’re looking for new products to sell and use as a retention tool.

As a B2B provider, McAllister was looking to help its customers. “They really like the idea of a portal that consolidates many products into a single point-of-sale system,” he told the news source. “By offering the Redde Pay payment services portal, we are helping merchants add new products, increase customer visits and retention.”

McAllister noted in the article that the range of services the portal supports can help merchants compensate for a decline in consumer demand for prepaid calling cards, which have been affected wireless phone carriers’ low calling rates and by the growing use of Skype and other free or low-cost Internet-based calling services.

Through distributors, the Redde Pay portal service thus far reportedly has signed up about 50,000 U.S. retailers, which participate by creating an account and logging in to the portal when they want to view payment options.