Payments By The Numbers

Whatever else can be said about the payments ecosystem, there are a lot of numbers flying through the atmosphere and it can be hard to keep up. So PYMNTS is keeping on your behalf. From the very big, to the very small, from the ridiculous to the sublime, to the just plainly weird, we’ve got all the numbers that made the payments world go round this week and why those numbers mattered.

163 Billion | The Number of Dollars In P2P Loans Alibaba Is Aiming For In China


Alibaba Group’s finance arm is working to create a marketplace for 1 trillion yuan ($163 billion) of person-to-person loans by 2016 and is already almost 15 percent of the way there after fewer than six months, according to the P2P lending unit’s CEO.


8.3 Billion | The Number of Dollars SAP Paid For Concur Technologies


In what is reportedly its largest deal every, SAP is taking over Concur Technologies to strengthen it’s cloud position. It tops SAP’s 2010 $7.1 billion acquisition of Sybase. If consummated, SAP would be handling more than $600 billion in transactions each year.


2 Billion | Wayfair’s Pre-IPO Valuation

Wayfair, operator of Wayfair, Joss & Main, All+Modern, Dwell Studio and Birch Lane, has set its value at more than $2 billion in advance of its upcoming IPO. Big winners? Co-founders Niraj Shah and Steve Conine who each own 28.51 percent of the company.


600 Million | The Number Of Credit Cards The CFPB Has On File

Consumers might need a bit of protection from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, since the GAO reports that they have access to more than 600 million payment card records but “lack a consistent plan to keep that sensitive information safe.”


500 Million | The Number of Dollars It Took Western Union To Catch The SEC’s Attention


Western Union told the SEC through a series of public statements in 2011 and 2012 that it planned to increase revenue at Western Union Digital, to $500 million by 2015, a $300 million boost from the prior year. Now in court filings, the SEC says former employees are calling out possible misconduct and distorted revenue at the digital unit.



422 Million | The Number Of Amex Points One Can Get Buying A Cup


A wealthy antique china enthusiast in, well, China bought a ceramic cup and was rewarded with 422 million American Express points. To be fair, it was a much revered cup made way back in the Chenghua era (1465-1487). The Chinese collector who made the purchase used his American Express card to pay HK $281 million, which is about $36 million U.S.



320 Million | What Green Dot Paid For Santa Barbara Tax Products Group

Next year, Green Dot’s contract with Walmart expires. Perhaps not wishing to be quite so dependent on Walmart in the face of looming contract negotiations, Green Dot has dropped $320 million to purchase Santa Barbara Tax Products Group.



190 Million | The Number of Dollars Neiman Marcus Paid For MyTheresa


The Dallas-based high-end Neiman Marcus chain has paid about €150 million to take over Germany E-Commerce site and its flagship store in Munich.



56 Million | The Number Of Payment Cards Hacked Out of Home Depot


Home Depot’s data breach officially stole data from more than 56 million payment cards during a five-month assault. Based on the latest data released from both Home Depot and Target, Home Depot has dethroned the current champion with a breach impacting 40 percent more cards than the 40 million stolen in the Target breach.




15 Million | What Traxpay Snagged To Go After The Sweet B2B Payments Pie


How big is the B2B payment market?  Four times bigger than its B2C counterpart, and Traxpay CEO John Bruggeman is ready to go after it all.  Good thing he just picked up a cool $15 million to help.



10 Million | The number of iPhone 6’s sold the first weekend.


There are no official counts as of yet as to how many people went on to say “Man, I miss my old one.”


14 Thousand | The Amount Former NBA Player Used Apple To Steal


Former NBA player Rex Chapman learned the hard way that sometimes a career change into criminality is more difficult than the television show Breaking Bad would lead one to believe.  Chapman was arrested after police discovered that he had stolen more than $14,000 worth of merchandise from a Scottsdale, Arizona Apple Store.



2.79 | The Number Of Dollars Merchants Pay Per Dollar Of Fraud


Want it back?  Data Science Senior VP Revathi Subramanian will host a digital discussion with MPD’s CEO Karen Webster on how card issuers can combat eCommerce fraud with better data.


Exclusive PYMNTS Study: 

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