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ROAM Recognized As Highest Ranking mPOS Terminal Vendor

Earlier in the month, ROAM was the highest-ranking mPOS terminal vendor within ABI Research’s mPOS Competitive Assessment.  A major part of the company’s strategy is to sell to continue to sell to a particular market without limiting themselves to other opportunities.

The London-based research firm concluded ROAM, an Ingenico company, was the best in class followed by iZettle and Intuit. Square, which ignited the mPOS sector, did not make the ABI's top 10 list.

"ROAM has a proven platform ready for the U.S. [and EMV migration]," Scott Holt, ROAM's Vice President of marketing. "Does that mean we'll suddenly have more [merchants] because we're ahead of the curve? Yes, but I would say in the U.S. the reputation of our system helps us here."

Holt believes that the U.S. is an easier market for mPOS providers to launch because there is a lack of EMV.  It also helps that the contactless mPOS device the company provides is also capable of processing both EMV- and NFC-compliant transactions.

"Trying to get an EMV-ready solution [in the market] is much tougher than a lot of people think, but we were able to leverage all the experience [from Ingenico]," Holt said.


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