Innovation Project 2015

Innovation Project 2015 — powered by, and held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on March 18-19 — brought together the best and brightest innovators in payments to discuss and debate the opportunities and obstacles at the intersections of payments and commerce.

This year’s theme “Innovation At The Intersections” was a nod to the complexities that is the payments and commerce landscape today. Complexity that is influenced by innovators in ecosystems outside of payments – retail, social, mobile, technology, security, banking, and even advertising – that are reshaping how payments is delivered – and even how visible it is. Over two days, established players, emerging disruptors and entrepreneurial visionaries from the world of payments and commerce came together to lead discussion of how their sectors are being disrupted and innovated in ways that will establish the framework for the industries for years — perhaps decades — to come.

This two-day event provided insight into what the most accomplished innovators and thought leaders had to say about the direction payments and commerce are headed, and how they will get there. From those conversations, we learned that the decisions we are making at intersections we are facing will chart our collective future in the decades to come. Decisions that we’ll no doubt be talking about next year. We hope to see you then.

Innovation Project Takeaways

Innovation Project Best In Show — Payments Style

Before Innovation Project 2015 wrapped up on the evening of March 19 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there was one key event left to do: honor the innovators. After all, without the innovators in payments, there wouldn’t be the Innovation Project and there wouldn’t be the same opportunity for global payments luminaries and c-suite executives to come […]

It’s A Wrap: Innovation Project 2015 Recap

Innovation Project 2015 — the place where payments innovators gathered to discuss and debate about the crossroads the payments industry has found itself at — has commenced. It was also the same place where they provided their insights about which direction they think payments has come from, and where it is headed. Just what was this […]

Where Innovators Intersect: Innovation Project 2015

Move over tradition, it’s time for innovation — for the third year running. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, today (March 18), Innovation Project 2015 kicks off its two-day event that will drive payments leaders through “Innovation At The Intersection” — this year’s theme intended to implicate how innovation in payments and commerce is at a crossroads, moving from one […]

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Spring Break Goes High-Tech

From smart bags to social media, spring break is becoming a surprisingly digital and high-tech travel period in the U.S. The words “spring break” evoke all kinds of mental images. Beaches, cruises, family-friendly trips to Disney World, family-unfriendly trips to Tijuana, service projects (for the altruistic and ambitious) and countless tattoos treasured for a week […]

Smart Agents Are AI’s DNA — Here’s Why

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, and that goes for digital innovation in payments and commerce. Just ask Akli Adjaoute, CEO of Brighterion (a Mastercard company), who recently spoke with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster about the rise of smart agents, a form of artificial intelligence designed to bring more fraud prevention and customer service to financial institutions and other digital […]

Jack Daniel’s Introduces AR Experience For Phones That Turns Bottles Into 3D Stories

Tennessee whiskey distillery Jack Daniel’s has released a new marketing tool that turns any bottle of its product into an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience, according to reports. “In today’s world, it’s important for us to reach fans and consumers where they are,” said Jeff Cole, modern media director for Jack Daniel’s. “That means sharing […]

Can A Digital Platform Make The Grade With Teachers Trying To Buy Homes?

Talk with old-timers from the Bay Area – or people approaching old-timey status – and there’s a good chance you’ll hear stories, lamentations and rants about how that metro area used to have a solid blue-collar feel, and how San Francisco, Oakland and the surrounding cities were pleasant and affordable for middle-class families. You’ll hear […]

Payments Execs On 2019’s Payments Innovation Watershed

One decade draws to a close, the next one looms. Only a few months into 2019, the year is already shaping up to offer a bit of a watershed in how we pay and how we get paid. The headlines may trumpet the size of multi-billion dollar deals, as Fiserv links with First Data, and […]

Forging FinTech-FI Partnerships With mPOS?

It’s not exactly Bogie and Bacall, or Kim and Kanye — at least not yet. But FinTechs and financial institutions are increasingly crafting partnerships designed to help them both thrive in this global world of digital payment and commerce. The stakes are too high to turn away from at least the prospect of such relationships, not […]

Welcome To The New C-Store Innovation Game

Retail innovation labs – incubators or tech hubs – aren’t confined to operations run by the likes of Amazon or Walmart. A new lab store from 7-Eleven underscores the innovation wave that is taking place in the convenience store sector of retail – a sector ripe for change, disruption and growth. Located in Dallas, the […]

AI Expert Arrives At Apple’s Special Projects Group

Amid Apple’s efforts to bolster its hardware and software with artificial intelligence (AI), an expert in the field has joined the tech company. Ian Goodfellow is now a director of machine learning in Apple’s Special Projects Group, CNBC reported. Goodfellow is behind an AI approach called generative adversarial networks (GANs), in which a generative network […]

Retail, RFID And Real-Time Sales

Probably every shopper knows the thrill of the retail treasure hunt — that odd, unexpected, but perfect product discovered on a shelf; that highly desired item almost hidden in some corner, but found via serendipity or determined effort. Probably every shopper also knows the frustration of the hunt — the time-consuming, wasted effort to locate […]

On National Burrito Day, Chipotle Serves Up Signs Of QSR Innovation

As far as made-up, non-holiday holidays go, you could probably do worse than National Burrito Day, which takes place on Thursday (April 4). No doubt you’ve been planning for this day for months, scouting out QSRs for the best burrito deals, and making sure you have no pressing appointments around the lunch hour, lest your […]

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