Internet of Things

Is Connected The New Smart?

The next wave of automation in the industrial revolution is here, and it involves making the Internet invisible and ubiquitous. From jet engines, to hospital beds, to vending machines — the environment is morphing into a network of devices which speak the language of data. The PYMNTS Internet Of Things TrackerTMpowered by Intel, delves into the web of enterprise IoT and the web of data that’s being built around it.

IoT At Home

A recent study noted that 45 percent of Americans have smart home technology or are planning to acquire it in 2016, and another 27 percent will jump on the wagon in the coming year. This edition of the IoT Tracker features interesting initiatives from companies like b8ta, L’Oreal and MasterCard — all of which are making consumer adoption easier.

Tracker Updates

This month’s tracker contains 10 new providers covering categories from wearables to infrastructure. Device developers include Samsung, Atlas Wearables, Moov, Ossia and Sony. New infrastructure providers in this month’s tracker are myDevices, Semtech and KORE. We also include two new payment infrastructure players: MasterCard and Coin.

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