Intelligence of Things

Intelligence of Things

The Intelligence of Things Tracker showcases 280 top companies that are leading the way in all aspects of IoT.

Every month, we take a look at what these companies are doing across the ecosystem and in several categories including Personal, Home, Retail, Transportation, Wearable, Mobile, Infrastructure, Data and more.

Intelligence of Things – JUNE 2018


Profiles of nearly 290 IoT industry providers, including eight new additions

Michael Klein, director of industry strategy, retail, travel and hospitality at Adobe Labs, on how analytics from in-store IoT tech can help grocers fine-tune their marketing and more quickly sell products

The latest IoT development news, including AT&T’s NB-IoT plans for the U.S. and Mexico, and a collaborative effort from Visa, Mastercard and NXP Semiconductors to help OEMs produce payment devices

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