Intelligence of Things

Intelligence of Things

The Intelligence of Things Tracker showcases 280 top companies that are leading the way in all aspects of IoT.

Every month, we take a look at what these companies are doing across the ecosystem and in several categories including Personal, Home, Retail, Transportation, Wearable, Mobile, Infrastructure, Data and more.

Intelligence of Things – NOVEMBER 2018


Profiles of 296 IoT solution providers.

PYMNTS interviews Adriel Lubarsky, director of business development for Udelv, about deliveries via self-driving vehicles, and talks to Jill North, the city of San José’s innovation program manager, about how the city will partner with Mercedes-Benz and Bosch to test an autonomous ride-hailing service.

The latest news on IoT developments, from new research on how hackers could use IoT appliances to overload power grids, to Arm’s new partnerships with Intel, MyDevices and Arduino.

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