rise of b2b ecommerce

Moving B2B Digital: The Rise of B2B eCommerce.

About: The holy grail of the consumerization of B2B payments is making it possible for B2B buyers and suppliers to order products and pay online as easily as consumers and merchants do today. Join PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster and special guests Sandra Blair, EVP of payment services provider MerchantE, and Keith Smith, Founder and CEO of Payouts Network, as they dig into why B2B ecommerce has suddenly become a hot topic for even the most analog of B2B trading partners, why the potential for instant supplier payments is driving buyer and supplier interest, and what it will take to truly move those processes from offline to online in months, not years.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to accelerate business cash flow without sacrificing credit terms or payments security
  • How to build the business case for moving analog processes digital – and online
  • The role of push payments in simplifying workflows for B2B buyers and suppliers
  • How to avoid common mistakes B2B firms make when “going digital”

 Keith Smith, Founder and CEO, Payouts Network

Sandra Blair, EVP at Merchant e-Solutions

Walter Goracke, Senior Payments & Billing Analyst at Sojern