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What’s Really Behind The ‘Fab’ In Fabletics?

Well, Kate Hudson, for starters, who believes that there’s no good reason why yoga-style leggings should retail for $100. That’s why Hudson joined forces with TechStyle to pioneer a new line of athleisure wear, Fabletics, that offers luxury athleisure brands at a lower cost via a membership commerce model. TechStyle CMO Shawn Gold explained to Karen Webster how TechStyle’s mission to create accessible fashion since 2010 has helped it find the perfect fit between fashion, data and a new subscription commerce model.


Samsung Pay: From Mobile Payment Method To Commerce Enabler

Samsung doesn’t see the slow adoption of many in-store mobile payments schemes as a miss, but rather a call to dream bigger. In a recent interview, Samsung VP/GM services & new business, Nana Murugesan, and Samsung Pay U.S. VP/GM, Sang Ahn,, told Karen Webster that payments alone aren’t enough. That’s why, over the two years since its launch, Murugesan and Ahn say that Samsung Pay has evolved from being just a different form factor to be used at the point of sale to a holistic digital wallet, complete with incentives and cross-device integration.