MePIN/Meontrust Inc

MePIN / Meontrust Inc

MePIN transforms online security into user engagement.

MePIN is a fast, mobile and secure solution to keep online services and their users safe. MePIN protects logins, payments, and other online transactions with a security cloud service and mobile app. The solution is also available as a white-label software and app SDK.

MePIN provides two-factor authentication with a simple tap in an app, making the process fast and engaging. Just as easily, the banking grade solution provides unprecedented security and non-repudiation for online payments.

MePIN was founded in Finland by a group of experienced technology and security specialists driven by collective passion to make the online lives secure and comfortable. Today, MePIN service and technology is live and scaled globally, protecting customers and users all around the world.

Executive Team

Markku Mehtälä



William Lattin

Managing Director


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