Good Mobile Deposit Apps Lead To Happy Bank Customers?

Mobile banking

Here’s a tip for bankers and banks who want happy customers: Put forth a good mobile app, especially when it comes to deposits. A study by banking consulting firm Futurion, cited by Forbes, found that well-received apps lead to higher rankings as measured along customer experiences.

That might be a wakeup call for banks. Customers in the U.S. are relatively limited users of the apps, with only four out of 10 users having used that deposit function via mobile. Only 53 percent are deemed “highly active” users.

In order to improve the mobile deposit experience, the financial institution should target deposit errors and speedy processing and bring clearer terms of use to customers. Among the leaders in mobile deposit: Capital One and BBVA, said the survey. Checks should be easier to deposit, said the consultancy, and should be done across more avenues than just a physical visit to a branch.