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National Australia Bank & Visa Launch App Add-Ons

National Australia Bank’s (NAB) mobile app is adding a few more bells and whistles.

The new enhancements include capabilities connected to consumers’ Visa cards. A “world-first” feature helps consumers pay for purchases up to $100 while they wait for their new Visa credit card to arrive in the mail.

Other features include setting how and when customers’ Visa debit and credit cards can be used. Have an enthusiastic internet shopping teenager connected to your card account? You can set limits or even make sure the card knows not to allow online purchases on that card.

Customers will also be able to place an immediate and temporary block on the card if it becomes lost or stolen, even on a temporary basis.

Last year, Visa and NAB struck a partnership, and these new add-ons seem to be the product of developers working well together. NAB said, because of the partnership, it’s been able to speed up delivering these additional app options six months quicker than it would have without the partnership.

These bells and whistles will be available soon on Android devices first and then iOS a few weeks later.

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