PayPal Gives Users Siri For Christmas

It has been a good year for P2P transfers on the PayPal platform — which encompasses eponymous PayPal as well as Venmo and Xoom. As of yet, PayPal has done $41 billion in P2P transactions in 2015 — and is expecting that holiday 2016 will bring on another 17 million transactions across its services.

Feeling festive about all of this, PayPal has decided to give its users an early Christmas present: Siri.

Siri + PayPal will be online for consumers in 30 nations including Australia, Austria, Belgium (French and Dutch), Brazil, Canada (English and French), China, Denmark, Finland (Finnish), France, Germany, Hong Kong (Cantonese), India, Israel (Hebrew), Italy, Japan, Malaysia (Malay), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia (Arabic), Singapore (English), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French, German, and Italian), Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Arabic) and United States and will roll out in a variety of lantuages

As for how it works, it’s the same as using Siri regularly — just tell her (or him) where you want the money sent and how you want it sent there.

“Hey Siri, send Bill $50 using PayPal,” is the example given within the blog post.

The latest upgrade to PayPal is available in the App Store as of today — upon updating, users should be ready to go for sending funds back and forth, with a little help from their pocket AI assistant.