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Square Cash’s iOS App Update, iMessage And Siri

Square Cash releases an update to its iOS app, which features money transfers using iMessage or Siri.

Square Cash has just released the latest update to its iOS app, which is better integrated with iOS 10.

The update announced yesterday (Sept. 13) also allows users to quickly transfer money using either iMessage or Siri. Users can “gift wrap” money so that it will appear as a surprise to the recipient. Siri sends or receives payments using a new Siri SDK.

Back in July, Square Cash launched its first iMessage apps, which included four animated sticker packs with various emojis, smileys, hearts, hands and other imagery. For Super Mario fans, there is a Super Mario Run Sticker pack. Disney has a sticker pack for $2, and there is also a Star Wars set.

Don’t knock those sticker sets. Sticker sets are important to Apple because, as app users increase and as more people install iMessage apps, Apple stands to make a lot of money from sticker sales. In 2015, Line, a messaging app, earned over $270 million in sticker sales.

Apple has also said that it will allow messaging apps to offer subscription plans to customers.

This update comes a short time after Square Cash announced that it is rolling out its Cash Virtual Card into its iOS app, which enables customers to create a virtual Visa debit card so they can spend their Square Cash anywhere that accepts Visa online.

The new service can be used at many retailers online, including Amazon. Square Cash is reportedly also working on making virtual payments compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay, a move that will make it more like PayPal, although consumers can only spend money that is in the app and cannot draw funds from a backup bank account that is linked to Square Cash.


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