Credit Card Apps Shift Digital Wallet Positions In Latest Provider Ranking

Capital One App

The not-so-secret secret of credit cards is that everyone wants one, no matter what they say. Something about the unsecured trust of a financial institution affords a unique satisfaction.

PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps reflects the hot pursuit of revolving consumer credit as 2021 moves into springtime and COVID becomes less of a monster and more of an acronym. Thinking persons agree that good signs are everywhere — including in our wallets.

The Top Five

The action usually doesn’t start at the very top, but apps can be unpredictable. For instance, new at No. 1 is Capital One Mobile, pushing powerful Chase Mobile down one spot to No. 2.

Not budging from No. 3 is Bank of America Mobile Banking — and it’s much the same story until we reach the hotly contested spots that mark entry to the Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps.

Still solid at No. 4 is Wells Fargo Mobile, as is the Discover Mobile app at No. 5.

The Top 10

Exiting the top five, we find Credit One Bank Mobile ensconced at No. 6, while the American Express app holds steady at No. 7.

Now things start to get a bit spicier. Gaining a spot to earn No. 8 is the Cards — Mobile Wallet, with another gainer, the PREMIER Credit Card app, debuting at No. 9 and also up by one spot.

The big news is for this update (after the surprise at No. 1) is the sudden appearance of the Avant Mobile app, entering the top 10 at No. 10 and completing the latest card ranking.