Prescription App Provider Ranking Is Tranquil, Even With a New Entrant

Prescription App

“Better Living Through Chemistry” is the old DuPont ad slogan that says it all about the wonders of modern living and what can be accomplished with the right formulary.

In that spirit, the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps is a pharmacopeia of digital access to life-changing medicines at considerable savings, and that’s better living, too.

The Top 5

Still the reigning champ at No. 1 it’s GoodRx scoring a perfect 100.

The SingleCare app sticks at No. 2.

Not content where it was last cycle, the CVS Caremark app rises two spots to take No. 3.

RxSaver drops one chart position to No. 4.

As it goes when scores cascade, the Publix Pharmacy also drops a spot to No. 5 but stays in the Top 5, and that’s really the point.

The Top 10

Moving on, there’s no movement among the next several apps.

Express Scripts is solid at No. 6 for another cycle, as is the OptumRx app at No. 7.

Wait, there’s more “no changes” to cover.

Still occupying its No. 8 cubby is the RxLocal app.

At No. 9 we’ve got Kroger Rx Savings Club, holding fast.

What’s this? A new entrant to the Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps? Yes.

New at No. 10 we welcome the ScriptSave app. It’s a long way to the top, but we’ve watched many apps successfully make the climb. We shall see.