Streaming Apps Provider Ranking Shows Netflix Ties With Disney for Top Spot

Streaming providers, Disney, Netflix, Hulu

We’re headed into fall — and cold weather looms, as does prime TV binging season.

This time around, the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps features a bit of a shakeup, with a few ties in the mix and leading players jockeying for first.

The Top Five

In fact, this time around, in the most recent reading, Netflix was joined at the top spot by Disney. Each company boasted a score of 90.

YouTube again has the second place spot, trailing the aforementioned leaders by only a single point with a score of 89.

With a score of 85, Spotify kept third place. Amazon Prime was next, as it was last month, with a score of 84 placing it in fourth — tied with Pluto TV, which gained two points since the last ranking.

Hulu moved up a beat, shifting from last month’s sixth place showing to fifth place with a score of 79.

The Top 10

Sixth place saw another tie, with Amazon Music and CBS sharing the spot with a score of 75.

With 69 points, Twitch now occupies seventh place, while Deezer moved up to eighth place with a score of 63.

Rounding out the table is iHeart Radio, holding ninth place with 62 points, and Plex, which managed to squeeze into the Top 10 with a score of 61.