Latest Payroll App Provider Ranking Holds a Few Surprises


We can all agree that getting paid is a good thing.

In that spirit, PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps scores the performance of a tiny constellation of apps powering payroll to show you which ones rise to the top, and their comings and goings based on downloads and other salient data.

The Top 5

This ranking is known to be a quiet one, and that’s how we find this month’s update.

We run through the entire Top 5 without encountering a single change. Witness.

At No. 1 we’ve got Paychex Flex.

Holding its spot at No. 2 is the Paycor app.

Steady at No. 3 it’s Alliance MyPay.

Same story at No. 4, where the Ripping payroll management app is rock-solid.

Closing out the Top 5 at No. 5 — as it did last cycle — is the RUN Powered By ADP app.

The Top 10

We do see some changes from time to time, as we do here, with the TriNet app rising one chart position to No. 6.

And another change, as the Zenefits mobile payroll app jumps up two chart positions to take No. 7.

Square Payroll drops two spots to land at No. 8 this go around.

Finishing the Top 10 at No. 9 — because not all Top 10 rankings have 10 apps in them — we’ve got Payroll App Provider Ranking regular Payrollguru down a spot.

Until next time, remember: being paid is good. Make sure you’ve got an app for it.