Mobile Payments Scorecard

Welcome to the PYMNTS Mobile Payments Scorecard — your one-stop shop to get the quick-hit, up-to-date, need-to-know metrics about all things mobile pay. After all, the payments community, with the help from the tech giants — Apple, Samsung and Google, have collectively shown that 2015 is all about mobile pay.

That’s why PYMNTS devised this (mobile-friendly) scorecard, designed to bring you the latest and greatest (or not so great) stats on how many users are tuned into which mobile payments scheme, and tracking how many merchants accept those mobile payments services. If we’re missing out on a key update, please reach out and let us know.

Mobile Payments: Samsung To Tackle Africa And Google The App Landscape

The latest news on mobile payments shows that the big banks are wanting in on the mobile wallet race, but are they already too far back in the pack? Meanwhile, Samsung is tackling the African market ahead of Apple and Android, and Google announces a way to avoid app downloads. Here’s the latest news on […]

Walmart Reports New Walmart Pay Stats

Six months in, Walmart Pay is officially available in every one of the 4,600+ Walmart stores in the U.S. That rollout, which started on a limited basis in December, literally in Walmart’s backyard, has steadily ramped up over the last six months. That was the big news that came from the retail giant yesterday (July 6). […]

June’s Top 12 Mobile Pay Moments

Today marks the last day of June 2016, which means we’re halfway through the year. And what better way to mark that milestone than with a monthly recap of the Top 12 news items in one major market in the payments ecosystem: mobile payments. Here’s what you may have missed this month from some of […]

Two Big Banks’ Takes On Mobile Payments Interest

Two different banks — JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. Two different studies on the same topic — mobile banking and mobile payments. Two very different results.   What Consumers Said JPMC’s study consisted of 1,008 respondents from a survey of 1,500 adults across the U.S. Those consumers were asked how they felt about paying […]

10 Moves This Week From The Mobile Pay Players

The second full week of June brought a flurry of news from many of the “majors” in the mobile payments ecosystem. Samsung Pay Now In Singapore While this news has been well known for a few months now, Samsung Pay arrives in Singapore today (June 16). Singapore is on just about everyone’s hit list given […]

CurrentC Will Finally Rest In Peace On June 28

On August 15, 2012, MCX threw its hat into the mobile payments market ring when a group of retailers banded together to create its own, mobile-only, merchant-centric payments network. Nearly four long and painful years later, on June 28, 2016, the experiment that was MCX and CurrentC will come to an end. Users’ accounts will no longer work […]

Singapore’s Mobile Payments Market Appeal

There’s one particular country that’s been creating a lot of attention in the mobile payments ecosystem in the past week. Singapore. It’s a country with an estimated population of just 5.47 million, a GDP per capita of $56,284, an unemployment rate of 3 percent and an adult literacy rate of about 96.54 percent. While those […]

Why Mobile Matters In Restaurant Payments

When looking for evidence as to why in-store mobile payments haven’t taken off (a hot topic in Karen Webster’s column this week), there are a number of factors to consider but only one real guiding principle: certainty. Consumers need to know that they can use that method of payment where they like to shop and […]

Android Pay’s Evolving Ecosystem

When Google first gave a sneak peek of Android Pay a smidge less than a year ago on May 28, 2015, the knee-jerk reaction of many payments pundits was to call it a “copy/paste version of Apple Pay.” When Android Pay launched, it had the backing of all the major card brands, along with a handful […]

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