launches at Lydian!

What’s It’s an online media channel that captures user-generated and expert-driven commentary, information, news and analysis on “what’s next” in the payments sector, worldwide. It provides a platform for industry professionals to share content related to their latest company and product developments, to tap into the collective commentary and analysis from experts, bloggers and industry pundits, and to interact with industry thought leaders and other influentials on topics of critical importance to the future of the sector. .delivers an important “first look” at what’s important to the sector, by those who are shaping its future. Why We’re often asked to help our clients define ‘what’s next’ in the context of the new technologies, new entrants and new business models and observed an opportunity to aggregate user-generated and expert-opinion on those topics in an engaging medium. We believe that will play an important role in both stimulating and documenting the exciting developments that have and will enable commerce worldwide. We think it’s What’s Next in B2B communications … but don’t take our word, give it a try!