Cloud 310: Exam Results

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Question 1: What word below would best describe the sustainable value at the core of the network business?

     a) Constant (50%)

     b) Basic (0%)

     c) Acquirers (0%)

     c) Evolving (0%)

     d) Predictable (50%)

Question 2: What was the primary driver of the first great evolutionary leap in payments processing?

     a) Growth of participants, and risk, beyond the ability of authorization books to manage (50%)

     b) Growth of transactions, beyond the ability of call centers to manage authorizations effectively (0%)

     c) Growth of merchants, beyond the capacity of acquiring banks to register (0%)

     d) All of the above (50%)

Question 3: What term best describes the ability of international networks to manage global payment flows seamlessly and reliably?

     a) Breathtaking (50%)

     b) Challenging (0%)

     c) Bewildering (0%)

     d) Expected (50%)

Question 4: What has been the most significant enhancement to core network processing in the past 20 years?

     a) Global reach and multi-national net settlement (0%)

     b) Real-time risk management (100%)

     c) Capacity and reliability addition at 2-3 times expected need (0%)

     d) Multi-location redundancies and failsafe cutovers with zero latency (0%)

Question 5: What may be the most significant development in core network processing that will drive participant value for the next decade?

     a) Chip transaction management (50%)

     b) Application of transaction information to customer-permissioned profiling (0%)

     c) Facilitating healthcare information exchange (0%)

     d) None of the above — we’ve seen all there is to see from network innovation in payments. (50%)

Essay Question: Please briefly explain your answer to question 5.

“I chose none of the above, but not for the reason given. The reason is that the next step has not yet been invented.”

“This will eliminate plastic.”