Cloud 310: Exam

It’s quiz time once more.  Time to click a few radio buttons on a web page and tell us what you think of the potential convergence of eCommerce tools and stakeholder motivations at the physical Point of Transaction.

Again, this is all multiple-choice with one brief essay question.  We’ll track your answers individually so you’ll have a record for each quiz, but the results we report out to the group will be collective – a measure of what everyone is thinking.  Thanks for signing up and taking the quiz.

This is a test of your perspective on the topic we’ve just reviewed, not a test of how well you remember what the lecturer thought about an issue. And remember, that FREE piece of parchment that shows you took the time to log on, tune in, turn on, and test out at PYMNTS U is yours in just a few short weeks.

Good Luck!

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