Defunct Startup Phhhoto Slaps Facebook With Lawsuit Alleging Anti-Competitive Practices
November 05, 2021

Defunct photo app startup Phhhoto filed an antitrust lawsuit in the Eastern District of New York against Facebook alleging the social media giant used anti-competitive tactics intended to pick off rivals, according to The New York Times on Friday (Nov. 5). Phhhoto is seeking unspecified...

New Group Tools Revealed at Facebook Communities Summit Include Money-Making Solutions
November 04, 2021

The Facebook Communities Summit, which took place Thursday (Nov. 4), was focused on advancing group tools to enable money-making, personalization and chat solutions, according to a press release. Facebook is piloting the ability for group administrators to create community fundraisers for group projects, to offset...

Facebook Allows Pay Links for App Creators Outside of Apple App Store
November 03, 2021

Facebook will be allowing creators on its platform to share custom web links for fans to pay for subscriptions on Facebook’s native pay system, The Verge reported. This will effectively allow parent company Meta to shirk the Apple App Store’s 30% tax on in-app transactions,...

Facebook to Stop Facial Recognition Feature
November 02, 2021

Facebook won’t be using facial recognition technology anymore, Meta Platforms Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Jerome Pesenti said in a blog post. According to the post, “people who have opted in to our Face Recognition setting will no longer be automatically recognized in photos and videos,...

Facebook Rebrands as Meta in Push to Align With Metaverse
October 28, 2021

If “meta” means using the “most effective tactics available,” then Facebook’s pick for its new name — Meta — is appropriate. On the heels of numerous antitrust lawsuits around the globe, whistleblower fallout, and its quest to launch a metaverse, how else could the social...

With Ad Revenue at Stake, Facebook Has a User Numbers Problem
October 21, 2021

Facebook is figuring out what to do about users making multiple accounts on the social media giant’s platform, according to internal documents seen by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Thursday (Oct. 21). A presentation from the spring showed how the social media giant measures its...

Facebook Name Change to Reflect Metaverse Move
October 20, 2021

Facebook is reportedly planning to unveil a rebranding that includes a name change to better reflect the company’s move toward developing a metaverse, an unnamed source told The Verge. The development of a metaverse aligns with Facebook’s beta release of its social virtual reality (VR)...

Facebook Seeks 10,000 Engineers in EU to Create New Digital World
October 18, 2021

Facebook is looking to hire 10,000 engineers over the next five years in the European Union to advance its creation of a metaverse, a new digital world that will enable people to explore virtual places together without being in the same physical space. The company...

Can AI Police Facebook? Maybe Not Just Yet, Report Says
October 17, 2021

While Facebook has routinely maintained that its artificial intelligence (AI) can police problems like violent content and hate speech on its platform, a new report suggests the tech isn’t that advanced. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Sunday (Oct. 17) on a review of internal...