Making Cards Just In Time-TSYS and Serverside Partner asked industry expert and author of Paying with Plastic, David S. Evans to profile industry thought leaders and executives to find out what’s next in the world of payments.

In this exclusive NEXTcast interview, Evans speaks with Rick St John, Group Executive of TSYS Output Services, and Gareth Jones, Senior Vice President at the Serverside Group. Consumers increasingly demand products that are personalized to their unique tastes and needs. Marketers are in constant search of one-to-one marketing but are often at odds with operations’ focus on scalability and expense control. Rick and his team at TSYS have partnered with Gareth and Serverside Group to launch a platform that addresses all three of these needs with an on-demand payment card personalization and manufacturing solution.

By enabling financial institutions to design and manufacture cards on-demand, TSYS Card Shop removes the need to hold a stock of pre-manufactured cards in inventory — a requirement that increased risk, tied up capital and ran up costs from over-production, transportation, storage and inventory management. TSYS Card Shop’s on-demand fulfillment capabilities, combined with its digital card management and design services, open up a whole range of operational efficiencies and new marketing opportunities for issuers.



Executive Bios:

Rick St. John is a Group Executive with TSYS, a global financial services company based in Columbus, Georgia. He has responsibility for the Output Services Division which provides print and statement services, a card personalization bureau and correspondence / specialty services to TSYS’ global client base. Mr. St. John has twenty years of senior / executive level experience in directing multi-functional organizations, both domestic and internationally.

Mr. St. John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Engineering from the United States Military Academy and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Gareth Jones is a Senior Vice President at the Serverside Group, the global technology leader in digital card design and a provider of online marketing and printing solutions to the cards industry. He has been at Serverside since 2006 and is responsible for Global Sales as well as Serverside’s American business.

Gareth began his career in sales in October 1999, with Europe in London. Over the next four years, he held increasingly responsible positions, eventually serving as the company’s Vice President, Key Accounts & Solutions, Europe & Asia, in August 2003. Following the acquisition of by Reuters, Gareth was made Head of Research & Advisory, Investment Management in London and then was recognized with the position of Vice President, Investment Management, Investment Banking & Corporations, The Americas positioned in New York.