Mobile 206: Exam Results

Time is up! Here are the results of the Mobile 206 exam:

Question 1: What do you believe is the largest segment of mobile commerce today?


a) Ringtone download from operator (50%)

b) Game download from operator (10%)

c) Application download from software platform manager (40%)

d) Remote purchase from 3rd-party merchant (0%)


Question 2: What is the most prevalent form of non-voice communication from mobiles in North America?


a) Mobile web-based interaction (10%)

b) Email (0%)

c) USSD (0%)

d) SMS text (90%)


Question 3: Who has been the biggest impediment to mobile NFC growth to date, and why? 


a) Operators, who refuse to subsidize NFC handsets without a share of transaction revenues (30%)

b) Issuers, who refuse to share NFC transaction revenues with operators (20%)

c) Merchants, who see no incremental business case benefit from NFC acceptance (50%)

d) Processors, who see no business case for selling NFC acceptance and devices to merchants (0%)


Question 4: Are private label credit products successful in the US marketplace, and why?


–  Yes, because the serve merchant needs for a combination of cost control and closed-loop data mining (40%)

–  No, because consumers do not see the utility in a unique-use credit product (60%)


Question 5: Within the next 3 years, what is likely to be the most prevalent form of mobile payment in North America?


a) Text-to-buy applications that help advertisers turn print media ads into eCommerce-like transactions (0%)

b) Mobile NFC proximity payments at the point of sale (20%)

c) Mobile web browsing sessions generating eCommerce transactions (40%)

d) Ringtones and downloads, especially applications, will still be the majority (40%)