Mobile Financial Services 2011

Dates: March 15-16, 2011

Location: Grand Connaught Rooms, London


Description: We have run the Mobile Financial Services conference for the past thirteen years, during which time there have been hundreds of trials on technologies such as NFC and ‘mobile wallets’. Yet, despite all these trials, the user uptake has been pretty limited. It has hit a point where all the mobile money events go over the same old points time after time. Well, in 2011 we will be bringing you something a bit different. Do you want to know what the consumer is using m-banking for, and how? Are you interested in the retailer’s side of the story on NFC programmes that have hit the high street? Would you like to hear about some of the trials that didn’t work out, and what lessons need to be taken away? Join the only event to take a strategic top-level look at the two most important emerging issues – joint venture strategies and user behaviour – with ground-breaking case studies from banks, operators and retailers.