Visa And Interswitch Partner To Speed Up Mobile Payments
July 03, 2017

Visa, the credit card company, and Interswitch, Africa’s integrated payments and transaction solutions company, announced news on Friday (June 30) that they will partner to accelerate mobile payments adoption across the region. In a press release, the companies said the partnership will see Visa and...

How Visa Thinks About B2B Payments Innovation
June 15, 2017

There’s no disputing that the pace of innovation in consumer payments over the last several years has been quick and its reach broad. There’s been an abundance of innovation in where consumers shop, what they use to pay when they buy and the devices they...

Visa Study Shows IoT Will Drive The Future of Payments
June 07, 2017

Today Visa and are giving the world the first look at the results of the “How We Will Pay” study. We’re bringing you the in-depth analysis as well as a quick break-down. The survey of 2600 American adults found that nearly 80 percent of Americans...

Visa Checkout Launches In The UK
June 01, 2017

Visa Inc. announced that its quick, safe and secure payment method, Visa Checkout, has launched in the U.K., with travel company the first U.K. merchant to get on board. According to Finextra, Visa Checkout allows consumers to securely store shipping and payment details without...

Visa And IPS Pair Up To Take The Pain Out Of Parking
May 24, 2017

There are few experiences more fiction-filled and anger-inducing than trying to find a parking space in a major metropolitan area. The circling the block — or blocks — over and over again while searching for any available space is bad enough; finally finding a metered space within...

Visa Checkout’s Open Approach To Digital Everywhere
May 16, 2017

With all the brilliant and groundbreaking work that has gone into building digital wallets and payment platforms, it can be pretty easy to lose sight of an essential truth about most consumers and most merchants. They don’t actually care if their payment methods become more...

Visa’s Vision For Digital Commerce Dashboards
May 10, 2017

The commerce life of a consumer is becoming more digital by the day, given the proliferation of mobile wallets, eCommerce destinations and the emerging plethora of IoT-ready devices now capable of enabling commerce for them. And while these ever-connected consumers also create many new opportunities...

Why The Market Liked Visa’s Quarterly Report Card
April 21, 2017

Two quarters into Al Kelly's tenure as CEO, Visa reported a 37.2 increase in total payments volume on now 3.1 billion total cards. As for digital, well, that made some news too.

Visa Everywhere, With An Eye On Empowerment
March 08, 2017

Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s worth stepping back and looking at trends that might be gelling to empower women in business this year and beyond. In one recent announcement, Visa has said that it has entered a strategic partnership with Girl Starter, a...