Payments in the Cloud

What’s in the Cloud for Payments?
When we speak of “payments in the cloud” we are using the term in a broader sense than it is usually used in the information technology world.

5 Burning Questions for a Platform Evangelist: IP Commerce’s Tyler Hannan
Why is the payments industry now so focused on the notion of cloud computing and “payments in the cloud?”

Why PayPal Will Open Up the Walled Garden of Payments
While I have been following with interest the likes of Boku, Zong and mPayy, the game changing announcement in my opinion came from PayPal, the “grand-daddy” of alternative payment platforms.

A Memo from Steve Ballmer to Microsoft Staff: “We Must Move At Cloud Speed”
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently gave a speech at the University of Washington where he said that the company was going “all in” with its strategy to move Microsoft products to the cloud.

The App Wars: Amazon’s vs. PayPal’s Strategy
Amazon and PayPal have both announced aggressive efforts to persuade developers to use their payment technologies. Each of them has opened up a gateway into their payment platforms.

Demystifying Clouds: Exploring Cloud and Service Grid Architectures
Cloud Computing frequently is taken to be a term that simply renames common technologies and techniques that we have come to know in IT.