Facebook Unveils New Instagram Messaging Options For Businesses
June 02, 2021

Facebook used its annual F8 event for developers Wednesday (June 2) to unveil new tools to let business clients interact with customers. The company said in its announcement that it is making the Messenger API for Instagram available to all developers. “Our vision is for...

Facebook Takes On Clubhouse With Live Audio Rooms
May 11, 2021

Facebook is testing Live Audio Rooms in Taiwan as a solution to go up against audio-based social competitor Clubhouse and is planning to introduce a lineup of public figures and makers to generate content, including podcasts and other tools to streamline creation, Bloomberg reported on...

Facebook Tests New Tool Aimed At Social Media Upstart Nextdoor
May 05, 2021

Social media network Nextdoor has been moving in on part of Facebook’s turf. Now, the tech giant is apparently looking to strike back. Facebook is testing a new tool aimed at helping people get to know their neighbors and local communities, Cnet reported. Facebook said Wednesday (May...

Facebook To Add Audio Features Similar To Clubhouse
April 19, 2021

Facebook is the latest company to reveal it is working on a clone of the popular audio app Clubhouse, CNBC reported. CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement Monday (April 19), saying Facebook is looking into building technology that allows users to engage in real-time conversations...

Facebook Tests Dating Again With Video App Called Sparked
April 13, 2021

Facebook is testing out a new video speed dating app, The Verge reported. The app, called Sparked, will supposedly cycle people through four-minute video dates, and if both people “have a great time,” then a second 10-minute date will be scheduled, the report stated. After...

Facebook Pay Tests Use Of Personalized QR Codes
April 06, 2021

Facebook Pay is testing the use of person-to-person QR code payments, allowing users to instantly transfer money with a simple scan. That’s according to MacRumors, which reported on the proposed rollout Tuesday (April 6) before clarifying that the new payment method is still in the...

Facebook Shops Top 1 Million Stores, 250 Million Users
March 19, 2021

Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said stores on its eCommerce portal Shops have topped 1 million sellers and more than 250 users interacting with merchandise, AdWeek reported on Friday (March 19). “It’s still obviously early, but we now have more than 1...

Facebook Offers Content Creators New Ways To Earn Income
March 11, 2021

Facebook has unveiled three new ways content creators can monetize the work they share on the social media platform. “Content creators — digipubs, video creators, gaming creators, media companies, cultural institutions, businesses of all sizes and more — build vibrant communities on Facebook,” the company...

Instagram Lite Looks To Reach Rural Communities
March 10, 2021

Open Instagram on your phone and there’s no telling what you might see: your niece’s first steps, a celebrity’s breakfast, scenes from a city on the other side of the world. But these interesting or inspiring scenes aren’t always available to everyone. While nearly everyone...