The Payment Platform Revolution

How Software Development Platforms Will Drive Innovation and Transform Payments
The use of software platforms to drive innovation and transform industries has exploded since the 2006 publication of my book Invisible Engines with MIT Professor and former Sloan School Dean Richard Schmalensee and Harvard Business School Professor Andrei Hagiu.

Head to Head with PayPal’s New Head of Market Intelligence
If you’re curious about “what’s next” at PayPal, Patrick Gauthier is the man to talk to. As the company’s new Head of Market Intelligence, he will be responsible for identifying industry trends and providing insight into clients’ needs.

PayPal’s Payments Platform: Open For Business asked industry expert and author of Paying with Plastic, David S. Evans to profile industry thought leaders and executives to find out what’s next in the world of payments.

MasterCard’s Top Executives Share Payments Predictions   
What’s really in the works at MasterCard as far as payments innovation and product development? got the inside scoop last month at the 2010 MasterCard Worldwide Media and Analyst Symposium.

MasterCard Will Open Its Doors to Entrepreneurs and Developers, Inviting Innovation
MasterCard has decided to open its doors to entrepreneurs and third-party developers, allowing access to a wide range of payment services.

Visa Opens Platform to Capture Market Share
Visa made a major announcement earlier this week, revving up Authorize.Net as an open software platform for developers.

The Web Payment Wars Begin with Visa’s Purchase of CyberSource
Visa’s $2 billion purchase of CyberSource, a leading e-payments provider, may mark the beginning of the wars over who will help merchants and consumers transact over the web.

Payments Innovation on Steroids
The payments industry has seen rapid growth over the past few years that has allowed for innovation that has changed the way we pay, on all levels. From products to processors we have been witness to change.

MasterCard to Unleash Payment Innovation by Launching New Open API Developer Portal
MasterCard Worldwide announced that later this year it will release Open Application Programming Interfaces (Open APIs) for third–party and independent software developers around the world.