LevelUp, Heartland Payments Launch POS Pilot

Mobile loyalty player LevelUp and Heartland Payments have announced a payments pilot with an eye towards integrating the LevelUp’s mobile POS system with Heartland merchants looking to shift towards the mobile payments industry.

The winner of PYMNTs.com’s “Best Newcomer” award during for our Innovators series, LevelUp services more than 37,000 merchants through its POS and mobile app system. Heartland notes that merchants who use LevelUp tend to see shorter times between consumer visits and higher average tickets than those who lack LevelUp integration.

LevelUp’s unique performance-based fee system and merchant dashboard are two features we can see appealing to a company like Heartland, and are two reasons why LevelUp is gaining more mainstream integration.

LevelUp recently added a white-label service offering, and received $9 million in equity backing in August.

The pilot is significant for Heartland in that it answers some concerns as to how the payments processor will adapt to an environment in which mobile wallets are becoming more and more prevalent.

LevelUp and Heartland announced their partnership through Twitter, using Boston-based Pizza shop Crazy Doughs as an example of how a Heartland merchant can benefit from LevelUp’s platform, which can be viewed below.


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