NFC May Need A Little (Marketing) Push In The UK

Marks & Spencer’s recent NFC rollout before the Olympics and the Post Office’s record-breaking 11,500 branches equipped with NFC technology should signal the popularity of contactless payments in the UK. Yet, contactless payments are struggling to take off in the country.

A recent news report by Mobile News reveals that the idea of paying through NFC-enabled cards and phones is not catching up with British customers. It is suggested that sustained marketing campaigns are the solution to contactless payments’ lack of popularity in the UK.

Recently the Guardian’s Money team went on a mystery shopping expedition to find out just how easy it is to make contactless payments. While six shops and food outlets – Pret A Manger, Tesco Metro, McDonalds, WH Smith, M&S and Boots – offered contactless payments others did not and a few seemed to be clueless about what contactless payments were. The only good news come from Pret A Manger with the assistant at the Kings Cross outlet declaring that one in 10 customers pays with a contactless card.

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